Release: CaDE 0.2

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Release: CaDE 0.2

Post  Beherith on Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:10 am

CaDE 0.2 has been release. Both Windows and Linux versions are available. Here the list of main new features and improvements:
  • New plug-ins architecture
  • AudioEx plug-in (Extract tags and meta-data from audio files)
  • ImageEx plug-in (Extract meta-data and make previews of image files)
  • Iconizer plug-in (Icons and descriptions for many file formats)
  • Multi-language support (+ Russian translation)
  • Automatically checking for new CaDE version

Full list of new features and bug-fixes:

+New plug-ins architecture
+New Plug-ins Manager dialog
+Extract tags and meta-data from audio files (AudioEx plug-in)
+Extract meta-data from image files (ImageEx plug-in)
+Make images previews (ImageEx plug-in)
+Icons and descriptions for many file formats (Iconizer plug-in)
+Added Windows application icon
+New possibility to search in several collections
+Search by created date
+Search by modified date
+Search by audio file tags and meta-data (AudioEx plug-in)
+Scanning/left time in the scanning progress dialog
+Multi-language support
+Russian translation
+Automatically checking for updates
+Small "folder"-button under file view to enable/disable folder displaying
+New "Extension" column in the file view
+Application windows are on the center of the screen by default
+Statistics in the status bar (size, media/folder/file count)
+New/opened collections become active
+Sorting by media name in the navigation tree
-Save last used QT theme
-Crash when search has been preformed and searched document has been closed.
-Crash on media deletion when no media selected
-Removed auto-mount checkbox from New Media dialog (for Windows version)
-Continue scanning process when error occurs on file adding (just write an error message to the log)
So, what’s next? I will plan to add archives support (new ArchiveEx plug-in?). It would be nice to navigate in archives and ISO-images like in common folders. I will also plan to work on media scanning process speed-up. I will also examine a possibility to import another popular catalog formats (e.g. WhereIsIt). Possibly AudioEx plug-in can be optimized and its size can be reduced. New VideoEx plug-in is also possible in the next version (extract avi/mkv/mov/mp4 meta-data).


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