Wishlist: Update Existing Media

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Wishlist: Update Existing Media

Post  Hasseno on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:12 pm


I am using your software, and it performs just as i wanted it to be. I've been searching and encountered similar programs such as this, but this program is the closest yet to what i've been searching for.

I have a lot of media to add, and the layout of the main menu is just what i wanted it to be.

As for wishlist, your program cannot update existing media, though it can create new media for that.
I just find it tedious to have to create a new media, when there is already and existing media in the first place just to update its contents.

well, it's great to have this software on my side, and hope you'll consider adding such a feature in your program, on your next update.


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Re: Wishlist: Update Existing Media

Post  Beherith on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:24 pm

Hi Hasseno,

thanks for your suggestion. I agree with you that it's a useful function and I plan to include it in the future CaDE versions. But unfortunately I have no enough free time for CaDE now. At present version 0.3 is almost complete. It contains archives/iso-images support. You will be able to view archives like common folders. So as I said new version is almost complete. It just need some tuning and "cosmetic" changes prior to release it. So probably the feature suggested by you will be included in CaDE 0.4. But I cannot tell you when exactly this version will be released.


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